JobTracker features


  • Easily manage information related to clients, projects, jobs and tasks
  • Assign tasks to staff members and allow them to delegate without losing responsibility
  • Specify timing, due dates, priorities and follow up actions per task
  • Enter timesheet information per task with activity comments and report later for project billing or review

Executive project dashboard

  • The executive project dashboard provides a quick snapshop of the status of any project. The information displayed is based on current task details and simplifies many project reporting processes.

Notification System

  • The system generates summary email alerts when tasks are near due or overdue
  • Every task update (including timesheets, task status updates, due date changes) can generate an email alert to the project manager or person assigned the task depending on type of update. Summary emails contain links to relevant tasks to simplify task and job reviews.

General System Features

  • Access to tasks can be restricted by user access levels or to individual users
  • Built from the ground up in Microsoft's .NET framework for exceptional stability and easy customisation
  • Utilises Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 platform and can be easily integrate with any other standard database server platform

Job and Task Management

  • Attach documents, images, specifications to a task, job or project for easy reference
  • Create and update comments for each task
  • Enter work performed and percentage complete for each timesheet or task
  • Duplicate groups of tasks to simplify data entry of standard processes


  • JobTracker has been integrated with Crystal Reports to deliver sophisticated reports and project management analysis previews
  • The basic system is configured with a number of standard reports, which can be enhanced with any number of custom reports as required
  • Sample reports included in the basic system:
  • Project status by client or project with time billing information
  • Task status by staff member
  • Overdue tasks by Client, Project and Job
  • Executive summary report per Project with Gantt style chart display
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