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What We Do

Incompass Events provides services and products to create exceptional Events, Incentives, Promotions, Merchandising and Marketing Campaigns.

Some of our clients use all our services together and others mix and match as and when they need.

For each project our clients have 24/7 online access to JobTracker to view their project status. Jobtracker is our sophisticated and easy to use, task, event and project management system designed for use by non-technical staff.

It was inspired by our need to carefully manage projects and provide simple daily activity plans for events, marketing and technical projects - when we are in the office, at a client's premises or on the road. Using a simple .Net browser based interface, JobTracker provides us with up to the minute information on the status of projects, tasks and events that need to be followed up on. We developed this toolkit early in after many months of research and have been using it consistently to manage our internal processes.

Have a look through the list of JobTracker features and please contact us if you would like more information on this exciting product to use within your organisation.



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